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What We Do?

We promote the adoption of a plant-based diet and lifestyle for a healthy, ethical and sustainable living. Based in the Country of Lord Gautama Buddha: The Messenger of Peace, we offer a community for people to meet, learn, exchange ideas and information, and interact with others interested in plant-based & cruelty-free living for a better world.

We are also an active campaigner of animal rights protection, ethical treatment towards animals & strongly protest cruelty in any forms towards animals.  

We host number events throughout the year, such as vegan potlucks  & charity hiking, picnics, cultural heritage cleaning programs, cooking class, conferences, parties, dining out,  lectures, and outreach events.

We welcome anyone wishing to learn about and live a compassionate lifestyle.Together, we can make this movement grow and encourage a lifestyle that is better for your health, better for the well-being of animals, better for the environment and better for humanity.

We couldn't do this without the support of our members, so join us today!

Yoga and Meditation

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